DragonSpawn: The Monster of the Month Contest

     Okay, I know there have been a lot of complaints about the lack of available monsters in the Catalog of Dangerous Creatures. Thus, we are starting a new contest here on the web page in order to flesh out the book a little. The concept is simple enough, if you want more monsters, then you can provide them. Thus:
     The Monster of the Month contest allows you to send us monsters of your own creation. The winning entry each month will be put on their own web page with full mention. All entries that are deemed acceptable will be added to the Catalog of Dangerous Creatures.
     To submit a monster, simply go to the Monster Submission Page. Please remember to read all of the rules and guidelines for the contest as laid out below.


  1. All entries to the DragonSpawn Monster of the Month contest become the sole property of BlackStar Publishing. Copyrighted entries will not be accepted.
  2. All creations must be the work of the person who submits them. No monsters will be accepted that infringe on the rights or copyrights of any other corporation or individual.
  3. All monsters should be submitted in the standard form for monsters, examples of which are provided in the Catalog of Dangerous Creatures. Entries will be accepted in other forms, but are much less likely to win.
  4. All monsters which are included in future versions of the Catalog of Dangerous Creatures will be displayed with the following line added to the description, "Created By: name" where the name is replaced by the creator of the monster.
  5. In the case that two people submit the same, or very similar monsters, the monster which has greater merit will be selected. In the case that such a determination cannot be made, the entry which arrived first will be selected.
  6. Winners will receive special mention on the page at http://www.dalhart.com/~naujok/DragonSpawn/codc/winners.html. Each winning entry will be shown there along with the name and e-mail address of the person who created it.
  7. If an entrant does not want their e-mail address published, they must mark the box labeled "Do not publish adress" on the submission form.
  8. This contest may be canceled or discontinued at any time at the discretion of BlackStar Publishing.
  9. Employees, family members, or afiliates of BlackStar Publishing are not elegible to win the contest.
  10. All terms, conditions, and prizes for this competition may be changed at any time, without notice, written or otherwise, solely at the discretion of BlackStar Publishing.