The Game Master's Guidebook Updates

September 19th, 2000
     In case you haven't noticed it yet, or if you're new to the DragonSpawn web site, the site has been changed to a completely new format, one that is, hopefully, easier to navigate and quicker to use. This page was, of course, one of the pages that changed, thus the update.
Update: February 23rd, 1998
     The Game Master's Guidebook has been updated to include stub sections for each of the chapters that we plan to add information to. Although this is not a final listing of the chapters as they will definitely appear, but it should give an idea of what is left to come in the Guidebook.
Update: October 29th, 1997
     For the first time, the Game Master's Guidebook is made available on the Web. It is already in the new format used for the new DragonSpawn web site.

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