The Game Player's Guidebook Updates

September 19th, 2000
     In case you haven't noticed it yet, or if you're new to the DragonSpawn web site, the site has been changed to a completely new format, one that is, hopefully, easier to navigate and quicker to use. This page was, of course, one of the pages that changed, thus the update.
January 2nd, 2000
     It's been a long time since the last update, but, finally, I've got another one. This one has all of the defense skills filled in, some data on ranged combat, and a few little tidbits here and there. I know it's not much, but it's been a crazy year.
     What can I say, but, "Enjoy!"
March 10th, 1999
     Well, I've gotten a little more done, a few more skills a little more information here and there, a couple more pictures and so forth. I've cleaned up a little formatting and tried to clean up some other things.      Enjoy!
November 24th, 1998
     Thanks to a little begging around, I've gotten someone to convert the Game Player's Guidebook (October 27th, 1998 edition) to Adobe's PDF format. If you want to see all of the books in this format, please send me an e-mail using the contacts page.
October 27th, 1998
     About time I put something new up here. Even though it's not a lot of changes, there are some proof-reading corrections included, and a few more skills filled in. It's been slow going since I've been working so hard, and since my wife got her job. Soon I'll be done teaching, though, and then I'll have a little more time in the evenings to get a little work done.
     After cleaning up a few things, and inserting a few more images, the book picked up a few extra pages.
July 13th, 1998
     Some of you may have noticed some rules that appeared and then mysteriously disappeared. You weren't dreaming. To make a long story short, I goofed.
     I accidentally edited an older version and then both versions became out of sync. Some things were added in one, but it lacked things that had been added in other places and so forth. The general gist is, the book got shorter instead of longer.
     Well, fear not gentle reader, for all this is now in the past. Both versions have been merged, nothing was lost, joyous day, and so forth.
     In addition, I finally finished every Magecraft skill listing. That's right! One whole skill section is complete. If you want to play a mage, you've got everything you'll ever need. In addition, some of the general skills have been filled in, and, to make it short, the book is now 124 pages in length.
April 13th, 1998
     Updates and extensions to the combat system, more of the close combat weapons described, ability feats, and a some general clean-up items.
April 2nd, 1998
     Let's see, character sheets, initiative rules, some minor cosmetic changes, and, oh yeah, combat rules. Both a simple and an optional combat system.
January 3rd, 1998
     The first update of the new year, this one includes more skills filled in, descriptions of the equipment and more. For the first time, the book is over 100 pages!
December 29th, 1997
     Happy holidays! Another update has been made to the Game Player's Guidebook. This time, it's mostly cosmetic, but it does include the first artwork included in the book. The text font has been changed again, the margins adjusted. In short, a lot of small cosmetic things that improve the overall appearance of the book.
December 24th, 1997
     Merry Christmas! And, as a Christmas present, another update has been made to the Game Player's Guidebook. Several more skills are laid out, including several of the magecraft skills. Lots of new information has been added, including Devotion skills for those priestly types, and a few general skills. Also, the text font is more readable.
     All in all, it is becoming obvious that sometime early next year it will be possible to play a game of DragonSpawn. I'll be looking for groups willing to play-test the material. If you're willing, please go to the comments page and send me a message to that effect.
     In the meantime, Happy Holidays!
December 13th, 1997
     Updated to include descriptions of all the ability scores, equipment lists with prices, information on all the different races and how to role play them, and some sample spells. It includes a new section on character history and character naming. The skills that were added were updated to correct form, and the method for determining the number of skill slots available to the character was added.
     This new information represents about a 20% increase in the size of the book. Also some formatting errors were corrected to fix printing on double sided sheets, i.e. the way it is intended to be printed.
October 29th, 1997
     The Game Player's Guidebook page is updated to the new DragonSpawn format. In addition some new information is added to the book, including the first small, incomplete, section on combat. Also included are the first fleshed-out skills for the system, centering on the close combat skills.
April 3rd, 1997
     Several new chapters have been added to the Game Player's Guidebook, including a section on Advancement, spell casting, fatigue, and armor.
October 18th, 1996
     The Game Player's Guidebook page has been updated. Some new information is available, and stubs have been put in place for most of the remaining chapters.
March 29th, 1996
     The Game Player's Guidebook page is made available for the first time on the web.

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